Table of Contents

Rules and Regulations

Game requirements

• Minimum age to compete is 13 years. Age 13 to age of majority requires parental consent.
• Game play is available only on an IOS or Android mobile phone.
• Competitors require an active and stable internet connection to participate in the competition.
• Streamline Fundraising is not held accountable for loss of internet connection affecting gameplay.

I mage of the golf app and what the course looks like

Rules of the Game (Basic)

• Each competitor gets one swing per fairway off the tee box to get the ball closest to the pin.
• There are 4 fairways giving you 4 attempts, one swing per fairway, to be closest to the pin.
• Your distance from the pin on your 4th attempt is ranked against the other competitors.

Rules of the Game (Advanced)

• Players can view each fairway, green, distance to the pin and wind conditions prior to each attempt.

• The camera button toggles your view between the tee box and the green.

• Select your golf club based on the distance to the pin and course conditions.

• Use the arrows to adjust the direction of the golf

• Tap on the power bar once to increase the strength of the swing.
• Tap the power bar again set the strength of your swing. The higher the percentage, the stronger the swing.

• As the power meter decreases, tap the power bar again trying to find on the “sweet spot,” the center of the red accuracy box. This is when the swing connects with the ball.

• The ball hooks to the left when the power meter is stopped in the red to the left of the “sweet spot”.

• The ball hooks to the right when the power meter is stopped in the red to the right of the “sweet spot”.

• If you don’t stop the curser in the red accuracy box, you will “duff” your shot.

• When the power meter is stopped in the “sweet spot,” the ball is hit straight.

• You may need to hit to the left or right when hitting around obstructions.

• After the swing, you will see where the ball lands in relation to the pin.

• Each round begins the same way.

• You play 4 different fairways, and the competition ranking is based on your 4th attempt.


• In the event of a tie in the 4th round, the competitor’s 3rd attempt is used to break the tie, followed by their 2nd attempt then the 1st.

• If a tie after all 4 attempts must be broken, Streamline Fundraising will set up another competition within 2 business days of the event closing date commencing the day after the end date of the

• Players have 72 hours to compete in the tie breaking competition, starting on the new opening date, and closed at 11:59ET on the 3rd day.

Technical Difficulties

• Each step of the gameplay is uploaded to our server in real time.

• If there is a loss of internet connection or if the app crashes after the ball stops rolling, the information is already stored and your ranking set for that attempt.

• Once you restart the app or regain an internet connection, the gameplay begins where you left off.

• At no point are previously played fairways reset after the ball stops.


• Winners are notified by email and through the app.

• A link is sent to where the winners can select their prize based on their placement.

• The prizes can be viewed prior to play within the app.

• Winners have 30 days to claim their prize ending at 11:59ET on the last day.

• Unclaimed prize values are transferred back to the fundraising organization in cash.

• If the fundraising organization cannot accept the additional funds for any reason, the funds are transferred back Streamline Fundraising Inc.

In the Event of Competition Suspension

• Fundraising organizations are vetted prior to the beginning of each fundraiser.

• In the event of misrepresentation or fraudulent activity by the fundraising organization, fundraisers may be suspended or cancelled.

• If a fundraiser is cancelled prior to the end of the competition, prizes are still awarded based on competitors ranking.


• Streamline Fundraisings takes any attempts to cheat very seriously. Integrity of the game is paramount.

• Our security measures monitor each game played to determine any sort of fraudulent activity.

• Streamline fundraising will prosecute to the full extent of the law if any participant is caught cheating or using BOTs to play.

Two payment methods available:

  • Full Payment Pay $670

Get 18 bonus tickets, earn up to $180 in additional earnings! Gross Margins as high as 64%*.

If all tickets are sold:

  • Fundraiser Revenue $1,910
  • Fundraiser Cost $670*
  • Gross Profit $1,240*
  • Partial Payment Pay $460
Pay the remaining balance of $210 two days after the fundraiser close date. Gross Margins as high as 60%*.

If all tickets are sold:

  • Fundraiser Revenue $1,730
  • Fundraiser Cost $670 *
  • Gross Profit $1,060 *
*Actual amounts may vary based on the applicable tax rates in your jurisdiction.
**Taxes are not applicable to the prize portion ($300) of the fundraiser cost, which is held in trust by Streamline Fundraising.