Our Story

As a father of 3 kids that grew up playing sports and being involved in all sorts of school activities, I am no stranger to fundraising. When my youngest son graduated from high school, I spearheaded the fundraising for their banquet. I quickly became frustrated with the amount of work involved in each fundraiser and the low cash returns on my time.

The final two fundraisers only earned slightly over 20 cents on the dollar. The time involved included me making all the sales, putting the orders in, waiting for delivery, and then trying to get frozen products out to everyone that bought product before it thawed. People who purchased these products were also limited by the amount of freezer space available, therefore helping less than they may have wanted. I realized that nothing has changed in the low-level fundraiser since I was in school. I knew there had to be a better way.

Thus, began Streamline Fundraising. My wife, some family, close friends, and I worked together to make this business a reality. We wanted a simple solution for the busy parent that would bring in maximum donations with minimum effort. No more time sensitive product deliveries. No more pushing family members to buy products that no one really wanted anyways. We thought of everything we wanted in a fundraising website and made sure to incorporate it.

We are excited with the final product we made, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Chris Kampen

Two payment methods available:

  • Full Payment Pay $670

Get 18 bonus tickets, earn up to $180 in additional earnings! Gross Margins as high as 64%*.

If all tickets are sold:

  • Fundraiser Revenue $1,910
  • Fundraiser Cost $670*
  • Gross Profit $1,240*
  • Partial Payment Pay $460
Pay the remaining balance of $210 two days after the fundraiser close date. Gross Margins as high as 60%*.

If all tickets are sold:

  • Fundraiser Revenue $1,730
  • Fundraiser Cost $670 *
  • Gross Profit $1,060 *
*Actual amounts may vary based on the applicable tax rates in your jurisdiction.
**Taxes are not applicable to the prize portion ($300) of the fundraiser cost, which is held in trust by Streamline Fundraising.